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Jessica, with the hardened voiceover of a 1940s noir character, is snapping photos of a couple having sex in a darkened alley.When she presents the photos to her client he just can’t take it, threatens her, and she pushes him through the glass panel on her door. Jessica gets work from Hogarth (a steely Carrie-Anne Moss).

, the server will simply serve up the text "Hello world! If your application is running on your local system, using in a browser will show this result.Each time you visit a URL served by the application in a browser, a logging line will be emitted to the console displaying the hostname, the date, the request method and path, and some additional information.This output is done by the wsgiref server we've used to serve this application.It logs an "access log" in Apache combined logging format to the console. A view callable doesn't need to be a function; it can be represented via another type of object, like a class or an instance, but for our purposes here, a function serves us well.A view callable is always called with a line in the code sample above represents a Python idiom: the code inside this if clause is not invoked unless the script containing this code is run directly from the operating system command line.For example, if the file named interface, which is problematic if you're running the server on a remote system and you wish to access it with a web browser from a local system.

We also specify a TCP port number to listen on, which is 8080, passing it as the second argument.

The final argument is the method, which starts the main loop in which it will wait for requests from the outside world.

When this line is invoked, it causes the server to start listening on TCP port 8080.

We love a female superhero, but Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter) isn't your average do-gooder.

She's renounced the life of a good guy/girl, working as a PI, and has PTSD along with her superpowers. So, pour yourself some whiskey and join us as we binge on the first season of Marvel's badass .

It’s the dark worldview of the character and the show.

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    Create your own character, build structures, hang out in different realistic worlds, go shopping, and much more.

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    Over 25 percent of Northern Ireland's population is Roman Catholic; about 23 percent is Presbyterian; about 18 percent belong to the Church of Ireland; the rest are members of other churches or of no stated denomination. Patrick came to Ireland and introduced the Gaels to Christianity.

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    We will be choosing two REDBOOK readers from each state to join the MADE coalition as action leaders and advocates for teen dating education. Nominate yourself by emailing [email protected] the subject line "WWS Action Leader" and tell us why you believe relationship violence is an important issue and why you want to be involved.

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