Tips for dating intelligent women

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Tips for dating intelligent women - Free Online

For all the men out there wondering what women really want in a man it boils down to several key personality traits that women find attractive.Although there are literally hundreds of “traits” that can be used to describe a person, the following list is what the majority of women I’ve encountered and interviewed across the country express what it is they want in their “ideal man”.

A man who has big dreams and goals and going after it is very attractive.Men who rank high in self image are definitely more desirable to women and will likely have more success in the dating world.Attractive men pride themselves in their appearance and is clear on a first date with a woman.The men that do not take care of themselves or take the extra time to prepare for their first date, will have less chance for success or a second date.Too often I hear complaints from women about their partners who have become “complacent”, sort of stuck in a rut.Having ambition shows characteristics of a leader, and most women are happy to support and follow a leader.

Let’s face it, if a man is “attractive” to a woman then there is usually great chemistry and interest in the relationship.

Women appreciate a man who takes care of himself and is concerned about his appearance.

Men can also “let themselves go” and look dishevelled and worn down.

I often hear women say that they don’t want a couch potato or a man with a beer belly.

Looks do matter to women and even more so if she keeps herself looking great.

It is easy to identify a man that takes care of himself because he also has a confidence about himself because he feels good about his looks.

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