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Totally free avaible to chat dirty with lesbeians - Online sex

If a male has transgressed he might be taken home and disciplined.

H You may be Jodi (the fairy kind)and I have no doubt that your MALE. Since some of you guys or liars, this will be the last time I will comment on this poll, I not going to waist my time with forgers. Any way that comment is from someone stuck on stupid.In a more repressive society the beating would have to be given over pants or shorts.If by "in public" one means a restaurant or other business establishment, the Woman who owns the establishment would set the ground rules. Sure we goof around alot and get in trouble, but we can still do things right as well. But to imply that you had anything to do with the comments on this pole written by me Jodi is pure crap, so now we can add lier to our list. So the next time you see Jodi here, it will be the male a.s.s.h.o.l.e jodi making comments, NOT ME PERIED.The question is whether or not George Bush should be spanked by his wife for getting us into war? I know women do pull the strings in a marriage; however, to punish men in public? I did write all comments but #6 I suspect the one who had something to do with this poll? Now to Seth, Leave Bush out of this, You don't have to go that far up the latter to find stupid. Maybe you should say SOMETIMES someone else pay for your F. Jodi People seem to be bashing each other rather than discussing the original topic.

I think us guys would feel somewhat ashamed by that. For instance someone who make the comment "NOTHING WRONG WITH GETTING INTO TROUBLE" sometimes? If by in public one means the general outdoors such as a street or park, a Woman is certainly entitled to slap or spank a male that She owns.

I guess you have to figure it based on whether or not men need to behave in public anyway. In a true Matriarchy, the baring of a male's behind as a prelude to a spanking, if it was not already bare, would be permissable.

Perhaps She would provide a spanking room for Her Female customers to use or maybe She would employ security who would punish a recalcatrant male for the Female customer.obedient husbandobedient husband, what is wrong with you?

And what is wrong with the majority who voted on this poll?

The views that are brought up on this site, and this poll in particular, clearly express an extreme level of bias.

The women here are refusing to accept any faults they may have (and believe me they have plenty), and they just expect the rest of the world to give in to their bull Brian, I think the orginal poll question was premised on acceptance of some form of Female Supremacy. Obviously you would not submit to a Woman's punishment in public. You can do what you want.obedient husband It will be perfectly normal in the future for Womyn to spank or slap their spouses in public.