Travis garland really dating katy perry

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Actually, Katy Perry is actually her mother`s maiden name. She later transformed her name to avoid confusion with the on-screen character Kate Hudson. Her full name is Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, yet she later transformed her name to stay away from disarray with the on-screen character Kate Hudson. Her parents were very religious people and Perry grew up in strict atmosphere.

Unexpectedly, Katy Perry has made debut as Smurfette in The Smurfs (Summer 2011).At age of seventeen she left home to continue with her non-Christian music profession.At the time she was working on new album, which had no success.Katy Perry dated with Travis Mccoy (singer of Gym Class Heroes) for a few years.During this time she recorded video clip for well known song “I Kissed a Girl”.Christian music dominated around her then she grew up.

However, later she was really inspired by You Oughta Know (one of the first non-Christian collection she heard).

Katy studied at one time some Italian opera music, but later she started her career singing Christian popular music.

At age of 16, Katy released album using her real name “Katy Hudson”, but unfortunately the label went bankrupt and almost no one heard her music.

Her hit melody “I Kissed a Girl” was in part motivated by well known performing artist Scarlett Johansson.

Katy Perry got a proposal from Russell Brand during the Christmas holiday in India (2009), just after 3 months of dating period.

Russell “offered his hand and heart” while they both were viewing firecrackers sitting on an Elephant.