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Ultimate Wing Girl and leading female pick-up artist Marni Kinrys has spent nearly a decade coaching men on how to understand women "so that they can get everything they want WITHOUT being d-bags." In the process, she's picked up on a few details about men to help us gals better understand what's happening inside their heads.

If all else fails, you could always kiss him first!Turns out, it's not just women who struggle about when to call and when to text back. A man has been charged with four counts of murder – after allegedly poisoning men he met on gay websites, and dumping their bodies in a churchyard.40-year-old Stephen Port, of Barking, east London was charged in relation to the four deaths – and was accused of using GHB to poison a number of victims.The four bodies were found in and around the St Margaret’s Churchyard, between June 2014 and September 2015.Port was arrested on Thursday, in connection with the deaths of Anthony Walgate, Gabriel Kovari, Daniel Whitworth, and Jack Taylor.

He has been charged with four counts of murder and four counts of administering a poison with intent to endanger life or inflict grievous bodily harm.

Port, a special needs teacher, appeared in Barkingside Magistrates’ Court today, but spoke only to confirm his name.

As much as they try—and try they do—men are not so keen at picking up on subtle cues.

For instance, if you want to see your guy more than once a week, Marni suggests calling him up and saying, "I want to talk about some things I've been thinking about.

I would like to have another date this week." The trick is in your phrasing."Guys are much more receptive when you start your sentences with ' I think' rather than ' I feel,'" says Marni.

I can't tell you how many times I've deliberated over the exact wording in a text. What do I say to her that lets her know I like her without being a chump?