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Please consult other sources to be certain you do not to get a one-sided view!This article includes some indications on how to use free running sleep in the treatment of insomnia, advanced and delayed phase shift syndromes, and some other sleep disorders.

Sadly, in the modern world, only a small minority lives that dream.I have for years been interested in sleep research due to my professional involvement in memory and learning.This article attempts to produce a synthesis of what is known about sleep with a view to practical applications, esp.in people who need top-quality sleep for their learning or creative achievements.Neurophysiology of sleep is an explosively growing branch of science.Yet the dream is within reach for most healthy people given: I hope that this article compiles all the basic ingredients of knowledge that are helpful in accomplishing refreshing sleep.

As for the sacrifice, it is important to begin with the understanding that one cannot eat one's cake and have it too.

Healthy sleep may be incompatible with some modern habits, some cravings, or some lifestyle choices.

Many theories that are currently contested will soon be forgotten as a result of new findings.

Consequently, this text is likely to grow old very quickly (compare the old version from the year 2000 here).

Still, some basic truths about sleep are well-established, and practical conclusions can be drawn with the benefit to human creativity and intellectual accomplishment.

In this text, I provide some links to research papers and popular-scientific articles that advocate disparate and contradictory theories.

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