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Eircom shared the court's concern about children's access to such material.After undertakings were given yesterday to go ahead with the proposals outlined, Mr Justice Kearns adjourned the case generally.

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Mr Justice Kearns was also told that all "virtual chat/mess age exchange services" are to carry warnings, at callers' contact, that anyone who sends a message which is "grossly offensive or of an indecent or obscene character" will be guilty of an offence and that all callers must be over 18.Virtual chat services enable two or more callers to exchange separate recorded messages between each other while connected to the service.These services do not involve live telephone conversations.The terms for tightening access to sex chat lines were put forward at the resumed hearing of the action brought by a company director, his partner and her two children to prevent the Eircom Phone Book including sex chat lines.Four "sex chat" phone lines and another providing access to porn sites have been closed down during the past week, the High Court was told yesterday.The closures have been carried out by the regulator with responsibility for premium rate phone services.

Other lines are being investigated, the court heard.

Two services were deemed to be in breach of the code of practice but were considered less serious and they gave undertakings.

Mr Patrick O'Connor, of Straffan, Co Kildare; Ms Ann Ryan, and her two children, Terri and Eoin Ryan, sued Eircom plc, Golden Pages Ltd, the Censorship of Publications Board and the State.

Mr O'Connor expressed concern that children had access to the phone lines.

After yesterday's hearing, in which several steps to limit access to the lines were outlined, Mr O'Connor said he was happy with the outcome.

He paid tribute to the judge for expediting the case with "vigour, intent and vast enthusiasm." During the hearing it was stated that Eircom was deeply concerned and particularly shocked at the content of some of the material which had been put before the court.