Updating a garmen

22-Sep-2015 03:21 by 8 Comments

Updating a garmen - Free Online

Kind Regards, Navman Support i never even got the update pop up, so sent support an email. but coz it's downloaded outside navdesk, when i try to install, it's locked.( even after clicking 'update keys' ) not my firwall or virus software, and i'm sure my atari 2600 has sufficient memory lol...

After download is complete, it will prompt to install.Downloaded the latest map update for my Navman MY60T. Checked folder Navman\Maps and it does not matched the content of Map Data_NTAU1_v1112_5002 Hi melmern, It sounds like you may not have installed the update map and that's why the modified date didn’t change, it should be able to select “install maps.” Can you select the v1112_5002file, click open and then “install maps” at the bottom. However, the file did not match the modified date & time. I then plugged in a few other places that I'm familiar with, and they're stuffed too. So I rolled mine back to the previous map, and then updated my wife's MY65T earlier today, to see what it would do; same problem, so I'll be rolling it back, too. I haven't updated it yet, but I expect the same problem.The file in the ISO under Maps is AU99R0NT1500054while the file in Navman\Maps is AU99R0NT1500042 Also, I did a remove map from the GPS unit from Nav Desk 7.30 and selected the latest map version 11.12 and clicked on "Install Maps" but it did nothing. If it still does not work, I would advise deleting the map ISO and redownloading it. I updated my MY50T a few days ago, then plugged in my parents' address, to see what it now thought was the best way to get there. A bit of playing around soon showed that anything else in the area (eg; Falls Creek (NSW), Vincentia, Sanctuary Point) has also become Numbaa.It goes through copying files and everything seems okay until I check the "mapshigh.xml" file.

Also, clicking "Install Maps" does nothing, I mean it doesn't seem to be doing anything, no prompt or confirmation pop up.

I also updated my Navman MY60T with map file Map Data_NTAU1_v1112_5002

If you still have issues after this, please let me know.

Kind Regards, Navman Support Hi Colin, It could be that it's the region that is showing (eg: Gladesville shows up as Gladesville, Hunters Hill/Ryde NSW) We tried this on a few test units and "Woollamia/Falls Creek/Coonabarabran" is coming up, it is not coming up as Numbaa or Napier Lane.

I would advise deleting the ISO file from your PC, redownload and load them up again.

If it still persists, can you private message me with specific details of the issue (exact addresses, etc...) and we will try and find a solution for you.