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MS-DOS and Windows are trademarks of Microsoft Corp. Note: Since the ASTRO SABERTM and ASTRO XTS 3000 classes of radio are internally and ergonomically different models, they are not cross-clonable.

Note that some of these features and enhancements are available on a Portable versus Mobile radio basis while others are common to both ASTRO radio types. Please also note that, with the exception of any identified RSS software enhancements, many ASTRO RSS field and screen introductions typically allow the programming of radio options. This means that the visibility of these fields in the RSS will depend on the capability of the particular ASTRO being programmed. Please consult your radio manual and/or refer to the appropriate sections of this user's manual for a detailed description of the respective radio features. ASTROTM Radio Platform Radio Service Software User's Guide Software Part Number: CVN-6085A© 1996 Motorola, Inc., Radio Products Group 8000 W. Licensing Restrictions The installation program used to install ASTROTM Radio Service Software, INSTALL, is licensed software provided by Knowledge Dynamics Corp., P. Motorola is exclusively responsible for the support of ASTRO Radio Service Software, including support during the installation phase. provide any technical support for ASTRO Radio Service Software. Furthermore, the purchase of Motorola equipment shall not be deemed to grant either directly or by implication, estoppel or otherwise, any license under the copyrights, patents or patent applications of Motorola, except for the normal non-exclusive, royalty-free license to use that arises by operation of law in the sales of a product. INSTALL is Copyright (c) 1987-1992 by Knowledge Dynamics Corp. INSTALL is provided to you for the exclusive purpose of installing ASTRO Radio Service Software.

Accordingly, any copyrighted Motorola computer programs contained in the Motorola equipment described in this manual may not be copied or reproduced in any manner without the express permission of Motorola.

Laws in the United States and other countries preserve for Motorola certain exclusive rights for copyrighted computer programs, including the exclusive right to copy or reproduce in any form the copyrighted computer program.

All Rights Reserved.68-81098E85-O Computer Software Copyrights The Motorola® equipment described in this manual may include copyrighted Motorola computer programs stored in semiconductor memories or other media.

Trademarks, Motorola, PAC-RT, and Private-Line are registered trademarks of Motorola, Inc.

ASTRO, Call Alert, Channel Scan, Conventional ASTRO, Digital Private-Line, FLASHport, Hear Clear, MDC-1200, Quik-Call, Quik-Call II, SABER, SABER SI, Secure Clear, SECURENET, Sel Cal, Single Tone, SMARTNET, SMARTNET ASTRO, SMARTNET DATA, Smart Zone, Stat-Alert, and VRM-500 are trademarks of Motorola, Inc. Foreword This edition of the ASTROTM Radio Service Software (RSS) user's guide contains revisions and updates made in support of all ASTRO RSS bearing the Software Part Number 6085A, particularly ASTRO RSS version R.

PC XT and Personal Computer AT are trademarks of IBM Corp. Although the new RSS contains other changes, this update is primarily driven by the introduction of ASTRO System Release 3.0 and Motorola's new ASTRO Digital Portable radio: the XTS 3000.