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Atari 2600 homebrew developers use various methods, for example, burning an EEPROM to plug into a custom cartridge board or audio transfer via the Starpath Supercharger.Game Boy Advance homebrew developers have several ways to use GBA flash cartridges in this regard.

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This is something of a cyclic trope because of technology changes. However, those aren't the subject of this trope this trope is about games that take too damn long to load, and do so not just at startup, but the entire time you're playing.Computer gamers of the 1980s learned to loathe the slow-as-molasses tape and floppy disk drives of the era, and cheered when they were replaced by the much faster hard disks.But it didn't take too long for games to take advantage of increasing disk size and grow so big that they took as long to load from the hard disk as their ancestors did from floppies.Solid-state cartridges from the old days had fast random access times that some cases match or is faster than ram(snes), but their severely limited capacity increases the temptation to use data compression in larger modern games, which can take a It can help when hard drives grow larger.This not only allows them to store more of the game's data, which will usually load faster from the hard drive than from an optical disc, but also allows them to use uncompressed storage, which takes a lot less work from the CPU to load.

However, on an optical drive, compressed data can be faster to load and decompress than uncompressed data..it's a double-edged sword on weaker systems.

Homebrew is a term frequently applied to video games or other software produced by consumers to target proprietary hardware platforms (usually with hardware restrictions) not typically user-programmable or that use proprietary storage methods.

This can include games developed with official development kits, such as Net Yaroze, Linux for Play Station 2 or Microsoft XNA. In Japan, these games are usually called "Dōjin soft".

Homebrew games for older systems are typically developed using emulators for convenience, since testing them requires no extra hardware on the part of the programmer.

Development for newer systems typically involves actual hardware given the lack of accurate emulators.

Efforts have been made to use actual console hardware for many older systems, though.

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    This section also contains the following: The Syntax section can be copied and used as a template for any non-abstract element in a KML file.

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