Updating phone firmware

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Updating phone firmware - Free Online

Once installed, repeat the process on the subscribers as well.*** Now at this point, newbies to voice might think that their work here is done, firmware file installation reported complete, so what could be left? In this case, the system has actually done you a favor.

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I typically copy and paste the new value to Notepad and place the old value back into the appropriate fields.In my case, I downloaded cmterm-7945_7965-sccp.9-3-1SR4-1sgn.** Save the file to your s FTP directory and launch your s FTP client.I typically use Free FTPd, but use whatever s FTP client you are comfortable with.Now before you go off installing firmware files, there is one crucial step I would always recommend: .Walk through the prompts to upgrade from s FTP, select your file, check the MD5 hash, and start the install.Now I can apply the firmware to a single test phone and not *all* the phones of that model type before rolling the firmware out. Now, to test your new firmware on a specific phone, find that phone in CUCM and paste the new firmware value into the Phone Load Name field.

Reboot the phone and it should then grab the new version.

Once you’ve established that the new code doesn’t bork your shiny Cisco device, paste the new firmware value into the appropriate Device Defaults field for your phone models.

Occasionally in voice world you are required to update firmware for just certain phone types and not others.

Say for example you’ve received a batch of those 7945 or 7965 phones that only support 9.3(1)SR1* and you aren’t running that version of firmware on your CUCM yet.

There are just a few simple steps and gotchas to watch out for to get this firmware up and running on these phones.

First, hop on over to and download the firmware files for CUCM.

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