Updating reliability monitor vista

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Updating reliability monitor vista - Sex Chat

Past month having too many problems with Vista Extreme and dont know what is causing them.

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Without some type of software monitoring your computer it may be hard to tell how reliable your computer really is. It compiles data from the event log, Windows errors, blue screens, and various Windows performance logs to compute a reliability index from 1 to 10 (where 10 is most reliable).More importantly, it graphs the index over time and can give you a quick snapshot of any problems with the machine.I had a problem with the Reliability Monitor not updating its data since early August.I found this solution on the microsoft.public.windows.vista.performance_maintenance newsgroup and am promoting it here. It calculates the Stability Index shown in the System Stability Chart over the lifetime of the system.

Reliability Monitor uses data provided by the RACAgent scheduled task.

Reliability Monitor will start displaying a Stability Index rating and specific event information 24 hours after system installation.

Older versions of Windows such as XP and 2000 didn't really come with any tools to monitor this.

So you were basically on your own or had to rely on third party software.

The Reliability Monitor for Windows Vista provides a system stability overview and details about events that impact reliability.

It shows the systems stability history at a glance and lets you see details on a day-by-day basis about events that affect reliability.