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Updating the content type failed - Adult Chat Rooms

None of them were aware of them, they just created regular columns straight from the list or library.In this article, my goal is to explain what these columns are and when you should use them.

This may be to help a team collaborate, or an external site - there are many scenarios. With Lists and Libraries, which are kind of "Excel" spreadsheets on the web, if you will.The person creating the list or library column can then choose from a list of column types to help control the information coming into the list.For example, if you're making an Invoices document library, you'll want to make sure that the customer associated comes from a verified list of customers without any spelling mistakes. Within seconds the Power User can find himself in the "create column" menu, adding ways to control content coming in his list or library.These don't require any questioning on reusability or architecture, it's an instant consumption. Yes, one of the issues I have found with Share Point is that, sometimes, it's greatest advantage can also be a disadvantage.We create a table and, as we add columns to this table (list/library), we are asking whomever is entering information in it to specify certain details we call "Metadata".However, the columns we have in a list or library can be created or added in multiple ways. This is probably the most popular type of column created.

They're easy to create and you don't have to overthink it.

They're accessible directly from the ribbon, and are available on all lists and libraries.

After working for so many years with Share Point, I realized that I might take some things for granted.

I don't question myself so much anymore, when it comes to whether I should create a column, a site column, or a content type - I just do it.

My mistake is in assuming that Power Users who are using Share Point every day, or migrating to a new version they might not know, already know which to create.

I did a one day power user training for a customer of mine recently, and saw their jaw drop when I told them what we could do with site columns only.

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