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Validating guid - Sex Chat

Once again I’m validating some text inputs, this time I need to verify that a user has entered a GUID in a valid format.While I can’t verify that the user has entered the correct GUID, I can check to make sure that I have the right characters in the string. Net Framework for parsing GUID values or using a regular expression. This method takes two parameters, the string to parse and an out parameter that gets the parsed GUID.

There are some other variations, but this is what you see for text representations of GUIDs. It happily takes GUIDs in all three formats list above.The regular expression that I found for GUID validation is, as with almost all regular expressions, a hideous mess of seemingly random characters.A well crafted regular expression should look like line noise from a 300 baud modem.This regular expression would validate a GUID: We end with an optional match for “}”.The source for this regular expression was one submitted by Nicolas Berardi on the Reg Ex Lib site.The problem is that it would validate text inputs that shouldn’t validate.

If your GUID string had a single hyphen, it would pass the regex test, but would fail when used by the . It was also much slower than the Try Parse() code, roughly 25 times slower on average.

For user interaction, the performance hit would be negligible.

There were a few other GUID validation strings on that site, his looked the best.

I did change his expression, it was also allowing for “(” and “)” in addition to the curvy brackets.

I don’t think that makes the GUID valid, so I removed it.

The “{” and “}” are not part of the IETF 4122 standard, if you are matching UUIDs, then you may want to take out the part that allows for those characters.

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