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Published shortly after I won the George Polk Award, Harrington's piece was essentially a "Local Boy Makes Good" story.

On Veterans Day with my TED talk just four days away I received a phone call from Ian Masters.For more info about the conference, including how to get tickets, click here.Did you know that I used to report for a kids science magazine? Between 20, I produced 17 pieces for Current Science. I watched the Academy Awards this year and was moved by the words of Ellen Goosenberg Kent, who took the stage to accept an Oscar for her documentary Crisis Hotline: Veterans Press 1.My reporting ran the gamut, including everything from fracking and paraplegic scuba diving to the chemistry of perfumes and the thermodynamics of wildfires. The film takes viewers inside the Veterans Crisis Line, a suicide hotline established in 2007 by the Department of Veterans Affairs.Soon after I began reporting on the military, I uncovered something quite disturbing: that thousands of our wounded soldiers are being discharged from the military not for their injuries but for "personality disorder." By discharging them with this unusual condition, the military can deny wounded soldiers a wide range of disability benefits, saving the military billions of dollars.How did I uncover this scandal and what can you do to help stop these fraudulent discharges?

In November, I addressed these questions in a TED talk at TEDx Vanderbilt University.

Seven and a half years after reporter Theresa Harrington wrote a beautiful profile of me in my hometown newspaper, the Contra Costa Times, I was contacted by a second reporter, Lauren Tuiskula, a current student at my alma mater, Amherst College.

Masters is a respected expert in foreign policy and host of a popular radio program, "Background Briefing," on KPFK in Los Angeles.

He asked about my upcoming talk and wanted an update on the personality disorder scandal: How many wounded soldiers have now been denied disability benefits due to these "personality disorder" discharges?

And what impact might my TED, sex, health, and career advancement.

I will be sharing my reporting on the veterans' benefits scandal and talking about what we can do to assist our soldiers and their families.