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Chapters four through eight lay out the qualities we should be looking for in our daughter's potential suitors and instilling in our own sons.They are as follows:• He must be a follower of Christ (chapter 4)• He must be prepared to lead (chapter 5)• He must lead like Christ (chapter 6)• He must be committed to children (chapter 7)• He must be a protector (chapter 8)o He must be a man of personal holinesso He must be a man of true gentlenesso He must be a man of great resolveo He must be a man of genuine compassiono He must be a man of true bravery• He must be a provider (chapter 8)o He must have a jobo He must have a work ethico He must have a plan• He must be a prophet / priest (chapter 8)o A man must pray with and for his familyo A man must preach to his family Chapter nine discusses the importance of protecting our daughter’s purity, heart, focus, future spouse, and hope.

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Guides parents in evaluating young men seeking their daughter's hand, assists young women in understanding the only kind of man they should consider marrying, and teaches young men how to grow in biblical manhood.Ask Voddie Baucham how to best prepare for leadership and ministry and he may tell you to get married and have children.You may be wondering what that has to do with helping your daughter choose a suitor.The answer is that it has everything to do with helping your daughter choose a suitor.This book is directed at Christian parents, especially fathers.As followers of Christ it is the father’s duty to lead and minister in his own home first.

If you aren’t sure what this looks like, you may wan Ask Voddie Baucham how to best prepare for leadership and ministry and he may tell you to get married and have children.

If you aren’t sure what this looks like, you may want to consider for yourself the qualities Voddie suggests we should be looking for in our daughter’s future husband and instilling in our sons who will most likely be husbands themselves some day.

The first part of the book lays the groundwork for the vision and thought behind these counter-cultural ideas.

Chapter one expresses the need for fathers to have a Christ-centered multigenerational vision that extends to the children, grandchildren and beyond.

Chapter two describes marriage as a ministry, explaining how marriage is a fertile training ground for future church leaders as the Christian marriage illustrates the relationship of Christ and the church to a lost and hurting world.

Chapter three explains a father’s role as he exercises gospel patriarchy.

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