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We both want to recognize that good things, like babies and sex, are made by God for His glory.

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A couple of years back one of my close married friends was desperately longing for God to give her a child.At the same time, I was longing to have the physical intimacy that comes with marriage. Both sex and babies are good things, made by God for His glory.It’s not our desires that were wrong, it was when we ‘followed’ those desires instead of God’s word that we wandered into a dangerous spot.When I tell folks I am really wanting sex in marriage their usual response is to tell me that they’ll pray for God to remove that desire. If something is causing us to sin – destroy it, right? However, we have to be really careful that we maintain the distinction between a desire for something good and sin.They associate sex with sin and satan instead of God and glory.When my friend was longing for a baby, I prayed for her to find godly contentment and exploit her season without kids for God’s glory. I wept with her over that unfulfilled desire and I knelt beside her and prayed earnest prayers for the desires in her heart. She prayed and continues to pray for me to find myself so fully satisfied in God in singleness, that I actually believe I have no lack in my life.

She also prayed and continues to pray for me – earnestly, with all her heart – for God to hear my prayer and grant me my desire.

She prays for Him to bless me with marriage for my good and His glory.

Fighting your sin is not the same as destroying your desire.

Here’s why that matters: It seems like the general plan for purity among singles is to convince them that they shouldn’t want sex.

The problem with that is that it has produced a whole generation who have a distorted view of sex.

There are no shortage of single folks who think sex is a bad thing.

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