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Durban, 19 July 2016 - Angry sex workers have interrupted a talk by Deputy Justice Minister.John Jeffery was addressing a group during a discussion on the decriminalisation of sex work at the 21st International Aids Conference in Durban.

How guilty would you feel if you cheated on your partner?The answer has a lot to do with the type of infidelity — and your gender.Men feel guiltier following sexual infidelity, while women feel guiltier after emotional transgression, a new study finds. Men, they thought, would feel guiltier if they fell in love with someone else, as women place a high value on emotional loyalty and the resources it provides; similarly, because men's sex drive is considered to be more biologically hard-wired, it was assumed women would have more guilt knowing the pain that sexual infidelity would cause their partner.With this in mind, researchers told the study's 130 participants, selected from several public locations throughout Toronto, to think of a past, current or hoped-for relationship.When people behave in a highly motivated manner, "they experience less guilt," Fisher told Live Science. -Amboi bukan main lagi sembang pasal seks dengan negro siap tiga round lagi apakah ini ertinya dunia sudah nak akhir zaman? Kalau lelaki bersembang pasal seks mungkin agak normal sebab ini memang sifat mereka tapi bukan semua hanya mereka yang gila seks sahaja . Korang baca snapshot dari group whatsapp di bawah ini,admin pun tidak tahu dari siapa kerana gambar-gambar ini hanya perkongsian dari laman sosial,kesasihan juga masih diragui namun jika ianya benar rosaklah awek dalam group itu,kepada lelaki lelaki di luar sana,berhati-hati ketika mencari calon isteri ye kot-kot terkena yang jenis ini susah nak jaga..peace!!

Tapi macamana pulak dengan awek litup bertudung bersembang pasal seks,siap hisap nak telan air mani lagi.perhh..boleh pitam di buatnya.kalau lelaki itu suami mereka mungkin tiada apa yang di hairankan tapi ini lelaki bukan suami lepas itu negro pulak!

nak sangat yang besar-besar.kompom perempuan jenis betina ini gila seks.sampai nak telan air mani negro tu..adoii.nak jadi lah.

They then asked the subjects to imagine they had become interested in someone else, and presented six dilemmas — with one emotional and one sexual option for each — to see which caused more guilt.

Across the board, men felt guiltier about sexual cheating, while women felt guiltier about emotional infidelity.

Particularly, women said they would feel guiltier after falling in love with someone, rather than trying different sexual positions with them; men said they would feel guiltier having sex without emotion rather than love without sex, even with a one-night stand. The study, published recently in the journal "If an individual assumes that everyone, regardless of their sex, is most concerned with the same form of infidelity that they themselves are most concerned about, this person would consequently make false inferences leading to feelings of guilt," writes study leader Maryanne Fisher, a professor at St. A second part of the study finds that while both men and women think it would be harder for their significant other to forgive sexual, as opposed to emotional, infidelity, women —not men — say that they'd be more likely to leave if they found out their partner was sleeping with someone else.

Is it possible to cheat without feeling bad about it?