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Please search again for events in other locations near you.8minute Dating is coming soon to New York City Be the first to know about the events! we're hiring Event Organizers to run events for a variety of age ranges in New York City If you have what it takes to make a great party, Click Here to apply!

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Learn more 7 Gothamite Gatherers Prepay here: https://Weekend Dating is listed in our business directory as being located at Event Organizer: Jay, Long Island, New York.The phone number for this business is (516) 908-9638. If you find any details as being incorrect, please do let us know.This site uses Facebook comments below to make it easy for you to leave a note about this business.If you see a note you would like to flag for spam or abuse, click the "x" in the upper right-hand corner. cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=7VXT7RYVZL6TG ============================================= With artist Pedro Ramirez,... Learn more 53 Gothamite Gatherers Friends, This Thursday July 14th we are having a Bastille Day Ball to Benefit the Georgie Badiel Foundation.

Come and enjoy: DJ and Music Performances throughout the...

Even if you totally love your job, weekends are everything, particularly when they're spent outside of the city guzzling local wine, biking to seafood shacks, and roasting marshmallows like you're in some campy '80s movie about camp.

Here are 10 weekend getaways, all accessible within five hours by public transport or car, so you might have to rent one or borrow your roommate's.

But it'll be so worth it -- it's always fun to get away from the city, even for a weekend.

Perched on a cliff in New Paltz, the swanky Mohonk Mountain House is a 136-year-old, all-inclusive camp for adults and kids.

And with the Take the Train package ($320/pp), tennis, golf, boating, yoga, 85 hiking trails, and a new spa are more accessible than ever.