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Born Christopher Maurice Brown on 5th May, 1989 in Tappahannock, Virginia, United States and educated at Essex High School, Virginia, USA, he is famous for Song "Run It" in a career that spans 2004–present. Born Destiny Hope Cyrus on 23rd November, 1992 in Franklin, Tennessee, USA and educated at Home schooled, she is famous for Hannah Montana in a career that spans 2001 - Present.

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What with Hendall rising, Gigi Hadid ditching Joe Jonas for Zayn Malik, Justin Bieber smooching Hailey Baldwin etc. So does this mean that technically, Justin Bieber has slept with Harry Styles? The above circle could get even *more* complicated too, if we added arrows connecting friends Taylor and Gigi, Taylor and Selena, and Kendall and Selena.If you or someone you know needs help, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).It is definitely hard to keep up with the chaotic love lives of sport celebrities.It is just hard to keep track of their romances so we have done the digging for you."It's been a terribly difficult year," the tech mogul told , adding, "I was hollow and broken." The exes have three high school and college aged kids.Johnson, 38, and Herjavec, 51, were cozy at the show's premiere party Monday night at Hyde Sunset Kitchen + Cocktails.

They were first introduced three weeks ago, and we're told they hit it off right away.

The pair performed together for the first time on the Season 20 premiere of ' next episode airs this Monday on ABC, so you can see more of Kym and Robert's chemistry for yourself!

you actually need a maths degree to keep it all straight in your head. Not to mention the fact that Kenny J's a friend of Justin and has been a part of Taylor's squad before too, and Niall and Harry are also the best of pals.

Which is why we've created this handy 'dating circle' infographic, so you can not only see how they ALL connected, but also how incestuous celebsville really is.

star Robert Herjavec is dating his partner Kym Johnson, E! Sources tell us that the two have been "all over each other" behind the scenes, and at Monday's premiere party.

And seem to be "really happy together." This is especially happy news, given that Herjavec also just admitted that he was suicidal after his marriage to Diane Plese, his wife of 24 years.