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He revealed that the longtime supporters of Rory and Dean’s pairing will be relatively happy when they watch Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life’s four episodes.While the actor didn’t spill any beans regarding the story plot, he did reveal that he was only on set for one more day.

The series creator Amy Sherman-Palladino returned to make sure the new run of the show pans out just as she and the fans see fit.Five times through the years where Jensen mocked Misha's name, and/or made jokes about it - Starting from the first day they met, to years later, down the line, when their friendship and teasing turns into something more. Now that he is pregnant, it is visible proof that he is gay, or at least bi.Then, of course, Misha mocks Jensen's name, and things between them change forever (in the best way). Up to the author how those close to Jensen react, whether or not they knew he slept with men, but I'd like if they at least are eventually supportive of him and help him throughout the pregnancy. It's a world where men CAN get pregnant, but not everyone thinks they should, but homophobia still exists (though not by any means universal) and there are those who believe it's unnatural for a man to carry a child.She is taking her job very seriously, especially since the expectations for the reboot are high after the show came to an end back in 2007.“Amy didn’t come back to f**k it up,” shared Padalecki, ”she came back to do it right and she did it right.And I get to watch it on August 1 because I get to do my voice-over and stuff like that.”There is no exact date for when the Gilmore Girls 2016 reboot will be released but there will definitely be four episodes titled after the four seasons, with each episode clocking in at around 90-minutes long.

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When the Gilmore Girls 2016 reboot was first announced, fans all over the world could hardly believe that their favorite series had gotten resurrected.

Though most of the cast will be reprising their roles, the most curious thing about the show is how the story of the characters will progress.

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Jared Padalecki, the actor who played Dean Forester, has already teased the anticipating fans of what will happen in Alexis Bledel’s character Rory’s romantic life.

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