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Yet the last apple fallen from the tree is usually sour.The love that rocks your soul is hardly the result of a long wait I will be here,as we promised, to face the world drowsily in our most languid positions.

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The whole conceit, of dudes in grey trench coats and dripping bass and self-loathing, was as calcified and codified as its antecedent, and it did nothing for him now… Jenny Lee Lindberg aka jennylee could have drifted this way – a fine acolyte in bewitchment, she stopped just shy of necromancy with the studied swirl of bass she lent to Warpaint’s previous self-titled LP.All in all, The entire Chinese character corpus ranges from 54,678 to 85,568,most of the characters are archaic and obscure,only roughly 10,000 are now commonly in use Otherwise,the entire Chinese vocabulary,, records more than 23,000 head Chinese characters, and gives over 370,000 definitions.And reportedly, the corpus of characters of grade-sixth students in China is 2500-3000, high school graduates 4300, college graduates' are also around 4300, since most of them are not required to memorise charaters any more after high school, if they don't major in Chinese linguistics and literature(unluckily, my major is Chinese linguistics and literatures)Minimum requirement for a foreigner to Chinese universities is HSK level 3 ,out of 11 levels, which means at least 100 hours of regular modern Chinese learning, knowing around 1000 characters. Just now , I read the novel I wrote three years ago.The top level requirs 2900 characters and 8800 words. A journey of a thousand mils begins with a single step-Lao Tzu Having finished my examinations and thesis~so good Two days ago,my best friend fell in love~congratulations Three days ago,my ex-boyfriend got married~congrtulations~I have been practicing calligraphy for three hours . Deeply affected, I wrote it down despite of my poor English-The sapling that bears our mark of love has grown into a big tree, but our once fervent love is lost forever in the wind. When the wind blows, we hear the sigh of the forest...A girl has been patient, believing the best is worth the wait.Yesterday I finished my last examination-Ancient Chinese Literature,my favourable major.

And on my way home ,one of my foreign friends complained to me that it is so hard for her to learn the facts and figures of Chinese.

Of course, Chinese is hard,although most Chinese people don't think so.

After all, any foreign language is hard for a non-native, right? Not all foreign languages are equally difficult for any learner. A French person can usually learn Italian faster than an American, and an average American could probably master German a lot faster than an average Japanese, and so on.

Yet, for her first solo ritual, the enchantress returns to familiar grounds.

And while the results resonate with beloved ghosts, she fails to conjure the most vital essence of a solo album: herself.

Now, to be sure, Lindberg has scribed the formulae for conjuring correctly.

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