Who is dating who taylor lautner

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Taylor Lautner lays on the ground at the pool in this new shirtless selfie that he posted to his Instagram account.

Before becoming the iconic werewolf, however, the 'Abduction' star started out as a child actor, appearing in 'Cheaper By The Dozen 2' and 'The Adventures Of Sharkboy And Lava Girl 3D' as well as several other TV shows and movies. He is not that good an actor and was hot for a fraction of the second, but man, did he make the most of that brief time he was in the spotlight.He will always be able to look back fondly on the time he was a movie star, made lots of money, had sex with hot guys, attended fancy parties, and travelled the world. He can't have surgery on his nose without becoming unrecognizable (like that actress from the Dirty Dancing movie).His nose is just so particular to his face, any job on it could be disastrous.Since 'Twilight,' however, Lautner's personal life, most especially his love life has been under scrutiny by both fans and paparazzi.The 'Valentines' Day' actor dated and has been linked to some of today's famous young stars.

The two Taylors started dating in October 2009, looking loved up every time they were spotted together.

However, the pair broke up by the end of the year with Swift allegedly much less interested in turning the relationship into a long term thing.

Lautner met 'Mirror, Mirror' star Lily Collins when they worked together in 'Abduction.' Rumors of them dating started circulating when they were seen out together several times in 2010.

Ashley Benson Lautner and Marie Avgeropoulos worked on 'Tracer in 2013.

They were then seen holding hands in July of that year.

Which one of the women in Taylor Lautner's girlfriends list do you like the most for the 'Twilight' alum?