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Following Lawrence's death in 1752, Washington was made a major in the militia by Dinwiddie and assigned as one of four district adjutants.In 1753, French forces began moving into the Ohio Country which was claimed by Virginia and the other English colonies.

Born February 22, 1732 along Popes Creek in Virginia, George Washington was the son of Augustine and Mary Washington.A successful tobacco planter, Augustine also became involved in several mining ventures and served as Justice of the Westmoreland County Court.Beginning at a young age, George Washington began spending most of his time at Ferry Farm near Fredericksburg, VA.One of several children, Washington lost his father at age eleven.This proved a lucrative post and allowed him to begin buying land in the Shenandoah Valley.The early years of Washington's work also saw him employed by the Ohio Company to survey land in western Virginia.

His career was also aided by his half-brother Lawrence who commanded the Virginia militia.

Using these ties, the 6'2" Washington came to the attention of Lieutenant Governor Robert Dinwiddie.

As a result, he attended school locally and was taught by tutors rather than following his older brothers to England to enroll at the Appleby School.

Leaving school at fifteen, Washington considered a career in the Royal Navy, but was blocked by his mother.

In 1748, Washington developed an interest in surveying and later obtained his license from the College of William and Mary.

A year later, Washington used his family's connections to the powerful Fairfax clan to obtain the position of surveyor of newly-formed Culpeper County.

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    For example, when a Democrat is asked to list political heroes, some of the prompts include, "Mahmoud Ahmadinejad," "Osama bin Laden" and "Majority of Middle Eastern Regimes." And when the Blue State Dater is asked for political philosophers, he or she can type in their favorite or choose from among philosophers such as Mao Zedong and Karl Marx.