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Who is gurbaksh chahal dating - Online sex

But I didn't hit her 117 times, injure her, or cause any trauma as the UCSF medical reports clearly document.

The video provides a "grisly picture" of the attack, prosecutors said..(She testified to this in her interviews with the cops.) I make no excuse for losing my temper.When I discovered this fact and confronted my girlfriend, we had a normal argument.She called 9-11 after I told her I was going to contact her father regarding her activities. I understand, accept full responsibility and sincerely apologize from the bottom of my heart for that.In the defense post, Chahal blames the victim, the police, and the District Attorney's office.He claims security footage from his penthouse apartment that allegedly showed him hitting and kicking the victim 117 times in half an hour is exaggerated.

Prosecutors told a different story in a motion seeking to rail Chahal's bail. He beat her, pulled her hair and threatened to kill her despite multiple pleas from the victim, the court documents said.

According to court documents, prosecutors said Chahal was angry when he learned his girlfriend had gone to Las Vegas with another man and cheated on him. She called 911 when he left the room, prosecutors said, and commented to investigators that when police rang the doorbell she was "saved by the bell."Police reportedly seized surveillance video from cameras inside the bedroom.

Re/code reports that the board of Radium One fired CEO Gurbaksh Chahal last night because he was convicted of two misdemeanors for domestic violence and battery.

Before the news broke, Chahal posted this error-ridden blog post defending his actions, where he described the victim as a whore.

Radium One's venture investors were largely responsible for the decision to fire Chahal, according to Re/code.

However, Chahal is still referring to himself as CEO.