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Pretty Necklace Girl Bumblebee (by her father)Mac Pherson (by Owen) Generous (by Sav)Pookie Bear (by Sav)Stepford (by Holly J.)Benedict Arnold (by Holly J.)Stringbean Mac Pherson (by Chantay)Princess Carilla, later Empress Dreadamort (by LARPing Club) Anya Marie Mac Pherson is a graduate of Degrassi Community School from the Class of 2011. Later on, Mia and Anya become acquaintances, as Mia notices how Holly J. In It's Tricky, Anya is a big fan of Craig Manning's music, and when she sees his ex-girlfriend Ashley Kerwin singing in the gym, she goes up to her and asks her questions about Craig. In Uptown Girl (1), Anya is arriving at school on the first day back and runs into Peter, Darcy, and Clare.Ever since transferring from Lakehurst Secondary School, Anya had always been the type of person to be easily manipulated and more of a follower than a leader. Ashley is left feeling upset, as everyone is paying attention to Craig, all the while paying no attention to her music. and Anya are seen behind a school bus listening in on Manny Santos and Damian Hayes' conversation. Anya returns for another year at Degrassi, and Sav is still her boyfriend at the time. She is in the Fashion Show and walks the runaway accompanied by Sav.

She is a former member of Power Squad, and she suffers from dyslexia, which makes it hard for her to read. Anya was seen as a cheerleader from Lakehurst in the episode If You Leave. However, the friendship is somewhat one-sided and even contains elements of emotional abuse, with Holly J. In Jessie's Girl, after realizing that Anya was beginning to be nice to Mia, Holly J. goes on stage, and Jane calls her "cookie monster." Everyone begins to boo at her and she storms off the stage, shocked. putting her down and no longer wants to be friends. tries to plead with her, as she says Anya is her only true friend, but Anya tells Holly J. In Fight the Power, Anya is seen cheering for the football team with Power Squad as they run out to the field.She is known for her beauty and admirable personality, always being sweet and supportive of everybody. Sinclair and Riley Stavros, and is good friends with Chantay Black, Fiona Coyne, Mia Jones, Sav Bhandari, Leia Chang, Danny Van Zandt, Zane Park and Wesley Betenkamp. However, while this was Samantha Munro's first onscreen appearance, Anya was not a character yet though some viewers consider this Anya's first appearance before transferring to Degrassi. decides to treat her poorly, by telling the entire Physics class that she is dyslexic. After that, the new band Stüdz performs a song that lyrics consist of "Holly J. is mad, and when there is only 4 hours left in the fast, orders pizza, and everyone starts eating. hated her, because she never let her be happy, treating her like dirt. treated her like that, she simply said it was because Anya let her. When it is Jane's turn to be cheered, she follows all the other cheerleaders (except Mia) and drops her pom-poms, refusing to cheer for her.She then talks her into copying an old report from Heather for their physics class, only to tell on her during class (as it turned out, Holly J. Anya, being in charge, does not know what to do, so she runs off crying. follows and Anya says that she wanted to be in charge of the fast, so she could feel good about herself for once. In Didn't We Almost Have It All, there are rumors that Anya and Sav were having sex when they were absent from school for a week.wrote her own report and only did it to teach Anya a lesson). Anya confronts Sav, and he tells her that it would be later on, saying he wants to fight for them. was trying to ruin her relationship with Sav, and wants payback. But when Anya returns to school, everyone asks her and she claims they are waiting, and that she was home sick watching soap operas.star surprised family and friends who "had no clue they were coming to a wedding.They thought they were coming to a New Year's party," she said.

Hartwell joined her on the podcast and shared his feelings on the special day saying, "Both [of] our dreams came true that day.

We have an amazing time together." This is the first marriage for Keshia, 36, and is the second for Hartwell, who previously appeared on The most AMAZING day of our life!!!

January 1, 2016: Congratulations are in order – for newly ENGAGED couple and newly PREGNANT couple – Keisha Knight Pulliam and Ed Hartwell.

The pair got engaged at the strike of Midnight last night.

We knew that Keisha was pregnant – now we know who her child’s father is.

Ed Hartwell is best known as Lisa Wu Hartwell’s husband on the Atlanta Housewives. Keisha had been dating tv host and personality BIG TIGGER, but she hasn’t talked about him in months.