Who is new york tiffany dating now

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Who is new york tiffany dating now - Sex Chat

You may remember Tiffany Pollard as one of the women who vied for Flavor Flav's heart on the old school VH1 reality hit Flavor of Love.

It will likely climb to 10 percent by the end of 2009.But would you really want to love New York in the physical sense?If there's one thing the celebrity gossip world can't get enough of, it's crazy skanks looking for 15 minutes of fame via nude photos and sex tapes.But if there's a second thing, it's the celebrity engagement! But why should millions of people out of work prevent Tiffany Pollard and VH1 from shamelessly exploiting the job market?!?Sometimes, monumentally large breasts and bling-covered fingers aren't enough to garner one the sort of attention one craves.

Fortunately, Tiffany Pollard found a solution for this problem last night: a bright pink wig.

Tiffany Pollard sat down with the network that created her this week and opened up to VH1 about a number of topics. Her dreams of being taken seriously as an actress; and her huge breasts.

For those hoping the Tiffany Pollard/Tailor Made break-up stories were mere rumors, close your eyes.

In the following video, evidence is presented in the form of the the reality TV star known as "New York" dishing on her failed, fake relationship with the man that supposedly won her heart during I Love New York 2.

With fellow talentless, often-nude Q-list celebrities such as Tila Tequila and Jennifer Toof taking up the reality TV spotlight these days, Tiffany Pollard had to do something to draw attention back to herself. Tiffany Pollard is single again, having dumped George Weisgerber (a.k.a.

Tailor Made) and will no doubt be entertaining new suitors before long.