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Wireless dating - Free Online

If your access point or clients are only capable of using WEP, it’s time for you to look at upgrading your technology, for the sake of increased security – not to mention increased throughput speeds on newer devices.

If WPA2 with WPS disabled ever becomes vulnerable, we'll be sure and keep you updated on the adjustments you should make to remain secure. Chris Mc Donough, Regional Data Director for Verizon Wireless in New York, says most of the meetings will be fast and intense, something like a speed-date.“We’ll be meeting them for 30 minutes,” said Mc Donough.“This is going to be speed dating where they give us a quick synopsis, we explain what we’re looking for, and then there is opportunity for future discussions.” Founders of several small and medium-sized Ottawa companies have “dates” set up, hoping to woo new sales and potential partners.Deepak Dutt, CEO of Zighra — an Ottawa firm that develops mobile security and authentication services — said it’s nice to talk up executives from all over North America right here in his own backyard.“An event like this is pretty big in Ottawa traditionally.

We spend a lot of time in Palo Alto, Sunnyvale and other places like the Middle-East and Asia,” said Dutt.

“For something like this to come to Ottawa it means we don’t have to travel, we have their full focus in a location that’s convenient for us.” The conference invited executives from companies in Sweden, France, Brazil and many from the U. including Verizon, Ericsson Brazil, Samsung and Toshiba.

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Ottawa wireless entrepreneurs hope to bend the ears of executives from major multi-nationals this week at the Wavefront Summits in Ottawa.

The event runs in Ottawa for the first time ever starting Tuesday, bringing small companies together with big name CEOs.