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" "She’s a best friend like Carrie, possesses the street smarts of Samantha when exposing uncomfortable truths, is a total professional like Miranda, and is almost as romantic as Charlotte!" Man Trap: (n.) A woman skilled at luring lovebirds. Just dab this super man- friendly vanilla scent on your wrists - or decolletage - and watch what happens... Roll on Perfume Oil **Please allow 3 weeks for delivery Get it Here!

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In other words, how to know if this is a guy you could really end up with.They may get carried away and act like you're the be-all and end-all, only to lose interest Dating doesn't have to feel like open-heart surgery, says professional relationship coach Lauren Frances Long ago, when romance seekers hunted in the field (aka bars) rather than cyberspace, Lauren Frances organized Man Trap Packs—posses of single women who hit the town to find love.Their success prompted her to write, in 2006, Dating, Mating, and Manhandling: The Ornithological Guide to Men.For $180 an hour, Frances offers one-on-one dating and relationship sessions for men, women, and couples (she delivers similar advice en masse in a newly launched “Romantic Reboot” seminar).Today, it's time for part two, and this topic's a doozy.It's all about to make good dating decisions and not be swayed by physical attraction.

You know when you're seeing a guy who's so hot, your panties are basically melting off?

You Dating Boot Camp, Part One: How to Tell If a Guy Is Really Serious or Just Wrapped Up in the Chase It's not always easy to tell the difference between a guy who's seriously into you and one who's wrapped up in the moment. Lust is a powerful thing, and some men will do just about anything in the sweet spot between "nice to meet you" and "sex." Closing the gap between point A and B can be a goal some men pursue with the same vigor as Roger Federer practicing for, playing in, and attempting to win Wimbledon, for example.

Get your copy of my international bestseller, Dating, Mating and Manhandling -The Ornithological Guide to Men today!

Now available as a Paperback, e-Book, Audiobook and 6 part CD set!

"As one of her Romantic Researchers, I can tell you that Lauren's Manhandling techniques are spot on!

She truly has her finger on the pulse of male/female relationships." "Men, Lauren Frances has figured us out…and our gooses are cooked!

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