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This vertical axe motion is also the most likely to result in injury to the wielder, with respect to the mostly horizontal axe motion involved in chopping a tree down.That, more dangerous to bystanders & coworkers (especially with double-bladed axes), is not the topic of this discussion.


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This is a good thing, because heating with wood will require an immense investment in chop-time.

In our modern chain-saw age, most all of our axe work involves splitting precut log sections into firewood & kindling.

Professional Grade Modular Packs Pick just what you need to fill the gaps in your preparations.

Whether you're overnight camping, packing in for weeks, or Bugging Out for the duration - you'll find what you need here.

Clearly, axes are one of the most basic & historic hand tools ever. Aside from common sense, there is one relatively simple concept that is not particularly intuitive, but will make all the difference when it comes to being able to use an axe effectively without doing yourself serious damage.

Chopping wood is great exercise, probably second only to swimming in terms of using essentially every muscle in your body.

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