Yongseo dating rumor true or not

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Yongseo dating rumor true or not - Sex Chat

What funny though is that, there are some changes in the original story that first came out.

Even the writer of the said blind item Ruben Marasigan cannot confirm if the said issue was true.Someone wrote it happened September 3 while the other said “madaling araw ng Sabado,” September 4. Luke’s Medical Center in Quezon City then the other one in St. If Ruben Marasigan overheard it on August 25 and wrote it on August 27, the said incident should suppose to happen before August 25 granting that it was true.But according to rumors, they were rushed on September 3? So, it’s like no one can give a specific and concrete details.It’s more than three weeks but there’s no one claiming that they saw the incident or that they have pictures to show for proof.The alleged rumor about John Lloyd and Shaina is not yet over since it is still spreading like wildfire.The young couple became talk of the town over the Internet about the nasty rumor.

It was remembered that it all started in a blind item about two young couple being rushed into the hospital after suffering from a very rare medical condition.

According to Wikipedia, the said genital condition is a rare case and the rarity of occurrence have created a situation in which many medical professionals believe the condition is non-existent.

He told PEP in a phone call conversation that the first time he heard about it was on August 25.

When you said it’s absolutely baseless unless someone showed a proof of the said incident.

According to him, he is also in doubt of the veracity of the rumor and had wrote that they still need to find out if it’s true or it’s just purely “tsismis”.

Reports show that there are different dates mentioned when the incident happened.

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